Private Equity Degree & Education Options

Professionals looking to enter private equity have a range of options to increase their ability to enter the industry. Finding a job in PE is difficult and the job market is highly competitive, so boosting your education, experience and qualifications is essential for improving your chances of landing a job at a buyout firm.

There are several Private Equity Degree & Education Options, here are some available to you:

Complete an MBA or Bachelor’s degree in with a PE-related focus. You can complete a program at a university to improve your general business and finance knowledge. All of this education will be valuable to you and in your professional career. Firms give preference–whether fairly or unfairly–to the top tier universities and business schools such as Harvard, Yale and University of Pennsylvania.
Take a Private Equity Certification Program: If you are looking to really improve your qualifications, I would suggest a training or certification program. There are a few options for certification programs so take a look at what’s out there and what resources are available through each program. Often I’ve found that professionals prefer these types of training programs because the program is geared toward them, rather than a general business course that only off-handedly mentions the industry. Additionally, many certification programs try to give a realistic depiction of life at a PE firm to prepare you for the job and give participants all the tools and education that applies exclusively to a career in private equity, not a general finance course. The best courses are at least a month in duration, any shorter and you really can’t absorb the lessons and materials.
Attend conferences: Conferences can be a great way to learn more about the industry especially if you are low on money or time. There are often clubs and organizations within universities that offer free or low-cost opportunities to learn more about PE and meet with representatives of buyout firms so keep an eye out for these events.

But… many private equity professionals could complete more training and compete better within this competitive industry.